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Dec 31, 2012 1:00pm PST
caucus. welcome all of you. jimmy, let's start with the fiscal cliff. >> fiscal cliff. >> we're hearing about a strange marriage between minority leader mitch mcconnell and the vice president. why is the senate's top republican having to go to the white house for help with democrats? >> well, i mean, they have been running around saying we want the president to lead, we need the president to show leadership. john mccain just went to the show and said the president needs to show leadership. does he think the vice president's office somehow got moved away from the executive branch? i'm pretty sure the president via his vice president is leading. if that's the case, it sounds to me like they don't like what he's leading with. >> you said via. he hasn't built the relationships with members of his own party or the other party. so, yes, it makes sense that vice president biden is brought in because he still has relationships with people on the hill. >> but, susan, another issue here, and that is mcconnell having to go to biden because he's learned he can't depend on boehner to help him. >> well, i think -- >> no? stump the guest. >> i think boehner wants to be there. everyone agrees, but he is having a
Dec 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
votes to pass a solution to the fiscal cliff but he's in error. we all know that in july of this year we passed in the senate the relief that it would give to middle class americans. that passed the senate. now, we know that the republicans have buried themselves in procedural road blocks to everything we try to do around here, and now they're saying, well, we can't do the $250,000 because it wasn't blue slipped, because it will be blue slipped. mr. president, how do the american people react to that? there was a bill introduced by the ranking member of the ways and means committee in the house, sandy levin, that called for this legislation. the speaker was going to bring it up to kill it, but he couldn't kill it, and then we moved to plan bsm"b," the debac of all debacles. it's the other of all debacles. that was brought up in an effort to send us something. he couldn't even pass it among the republicans it was so absurd. he, meaning the speaker. so it's very clear now, mr. president, that the speaker's number one goal is to get elected speaker on january 3rd. the house is not even here. he's told me he'll give
Dec 26, 2012 1:00pm PST
are saying is there are two bills the house passed to deal with the fiscal cliff that are now over the united states senate. if the senate wants to do anything with them, amend them and send them back to the house and perhaps the house will act on it. essentially what boehner is saying is we're not making any moves until the senate amends the two bills we passed over or sends a new one. what are in those bills? well, they essentially extend the bush tax cuts permanently for all earners. and then to avert the sequester and other types of cuts, they make what a lot of liberals have called draconian cuts to meals on wheels, food stamps. it goes into discretionary spending. the house passed bills are absolutely would go nowhere. and would be vee toad by president obama. so this is what we're seeing on the statement the day after christmas is while you guys figure out some solution, we wash our hands of it. >> as a follow-up, i'm putting my press secretary hat on for a second and say the response i would expect from the democratic side from the senate is hey, we passed a bill too. we passed a bill that does the sam
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3